Hardwood floor maintenance


Damage to your hardwood making you crabby? Hardwood floor maintenance

Maryland is for crabs, but your floors don’t have to make you that way. Is your hardwood floor in need of some TLC? Do you have stains on your floor from that planter that leaked water all winter? Are there scratches and scuffs in those high-traffic areas? We’re the ones you want to call.

Maintaining your floor

We, at Carousel Hardwood Floors, love hardwood flooring. We also understand that life happens. Flooring can be stained from excess exposure to moisture as well as from the wear and tear of life. And while a whole floor can be sanded and refinished, sometimes what you need is more localized. Sometimes a little sanding, a little staining, and some localized finishing are all that is needed to restore your floor to its original beauty. We can assess and address your hardwood dilemma; no worry, no stress: hardwood maintenance is our middle name.



We're here to help

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Caring for your floor

We offer several options when it comes to screen and coat services for your wood floors, but sometimes you need a little more when it comes to hardwood care. We offer screen and coat services that will add years of life and beauty to your floor.

Your flooring store

We aim to be your flooring store for more than a single purchase; we intend to be your flooring store for life and to be the flooring store that you recommend to your friends, your family, and your neighbors. We think that a big part of doing so means that we will help you maintain and care for the floor you have for the life of the floor or the life of your home.

Whether you live in our hometown of Preston, MD, or if you live in the surrounding areas of Preston, MD, Trappe, MD, Cambridge, MD, Centreville, MD, Kent Island, MD, Church Hill, MD, Chestertown, MD, Easton, MD, Denton, MD, and Chester, MD, we are here for all of your hardwood care and hardwood maintenance needs. Give us a call if the hardwood in your home is in need of a little loving.