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The romance of pre-finished hardwood flooring on the Eastern Shore

Many old estates run up and down these shores of the Chesapeake Bay. And nothing says “old estate” like pre-finished hardwood flooring. So, if you are looking for pre-finished hardwood floors, you need to visit us at Carousel Hardwood Floors in Easton, MD.

Many options

Gone are the days when you only had a few options of wood to choose from when you were installing a pre-finished hardwood floor. Both white and red oak are perpetual American favorites, but for something different, you might also consider a yellow heart pine, some of which we have in antique woods to capture that old-Eastern Shore feel. If you are looking for something with a truly stunning grain pattern, you might also want to consider a black walnut or hickory floor. And remember, all of these floors can be installed on-site to give you a truly unique look and feel in your wood.

We also carry various lines of factory pre-finished hardwoods. Again, you will find woods like oak and ash in these lines, but you will also find that there are several more exotic kinds of wood from South America and elsewhere. And once again, our installers can offer you a truly custom installation of your new floor.

Durable and refinish-able

Wood flooring is one of the most durable floors that you will ever own. They are strong and their finish is designed to resist nicks and scratches as well as the normal wear and tear of day to day use. Yet, if your floor does wear, you can always have us return to sand down and refinish the pre-finished hardwood in your home. Most wood floors are designed that they can be sanded and refinished at least 2-3 times and given the durability of these floors, that makes them truly a permanent addition to your home. Many real estate agents will argue that the pre-finished hardwood you add to the resale value of your home.

Suitable for every room in your home

Pre-finishedardwood flooring is not just for formal areas of your home, but they work well in bedrooms, recreation rooms, and other areas as well. If you want a little island of softness in your room, then an area rug can be added. Whatever your need, pre-finished hardwood floors provide a tasteful solution.

We, at Carousel Hardwood Floors, want to be your pre-finished hardwood flooring retailer. Whether you live in Easton, MD or in one of our neighboring towns like Easton, MD, Trappe, MD, Cambridge, MD, Centreville, MD, Kent Island, MD, Church Hill, MD, Chestertown, MD, Preston, MD, Denton, MD, or Chester, MD, we serve your area. Stop by or give us a call, let us show you your options when it comes to a new pre-finished hardwood floor.